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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Because It All Belongs to Him

Tomatoes at twilight.  Juicy, red globes waiting for the picking.

Tangy, earthy loam of wet garden dirt hangs in the air after sky coming down in slow time.

We sit around the fire and eat that which He has provided and the youngest one starts to giggle while eating corn straight off the cob.  He's grinning all silly and she joins in because who is immune to the infectious giggle?

And I listen.  Listen to their laughter.

  It is the song of the seraphim.  The singing of angels. 

Across the circle sits that man of mine and we lock eyes and he winks and smiles.  And his smile lights up the whole block and a rush of exhale takes me back to the excitement of young love.  I smile thinking this: nearly seventeen years later, he can still entirely undo me.

Later, the marshmallows and chocolate and grams come out to the whispered, emphatic,"yes!!"  And we are all sticky sweet with  sugar goodness.

We gaze up at His heaven, that inky indigo, and talk long about stars and constellations and His hand making something so beautiful out of nothing.   The oldest knows so much, just like his dad.  They point to diamonds hanging in night's black and make the warrior and bear and dippers come to life for the younger ones.  Celestial dot-to-dot.

I look at them and suddenly I am surrendered to them.  To Him.  And just for a moment, in the middle of this night of ordinary, I see how ridiculously beautiful this life is!

This wondrous mess?  This is it!

And it all comes from Him and it all belongs to Him.

To the Lord your God belongs the heavens,
even the highest heavens,
the earth and everything in it.
Deuteronomy 10:14

And I kneel low in darkened rooms near sleeping heads and I give thanks.  Not for the things, no, thanks is never for the things, but for His touch.  His ever present, ever grace-filled touch.


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