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Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall and a Giveaway!!

Today is the day I wait for all year... the first day of fall!! 
Oh, how my heart goes pitter-patter
when I think of warm sun and cool breezes, 
crunchy apples, cozy fires, and the smell of pumpkin goodies baking in my oven.
  I'm not much of a sports girl 
but I do love heading to our high school football games as a family.
  I get to sit right next to my man,
chat with all the other parents {and I do mean all, my man is a social guy!},
and watch our kids hang out with their buddies - such a fun way to spend a Friday evening in the fall!

  There really is no finer time of year, 
and so I thought today would be a good day 
to reveal the new {seasonal} look of my corner of blogland,
as well as offer my very first giveaway to all you wonderful friends!!
  I am a girl who loves the little celebrations of life
as well as the big ones 
and offering you all a chance to win a little something 
on my favorite day of the year, seemed like a good idea.

So without further ado, here is the giveaway.... {drum roll please}....

This celebrates all the colors of fall 
and includes a Starbucks gift card, 
a magazine to peruse through at your leisure,
a fabulous shade of red for the perfect toenails,
a yummy candle to fill your home with the smells of the season,
and a wonderful blend of tea
to help you defrost on chilly mornings.

Here are the rules of the giveaway:

*Anyone can enter, you don't need to have a blog , just an interest in free stuff!!

*The contest will be open until September 30th.  I will announce the winner  October 1st on the blog and contact the winner by email.

*To enter:  Just leave a comment telling me your favorite thing{s} about this glorious season.  That's it!  Easy peasy, right?

*If you can't leave a comment - I know some of you get kicked out while trying to leave one- just shoot me an email.  My contact info is on the 'about me/ contact' button on the header.

*Please make sure to leave me YOUR contact info so I can make sure the winner receives their goodies - very important!!

*You can enter more than once by becoming a 'follower'.  If in doubt, check the little icons under the 'followers' tab at the top right.

Good luck and be sure to let a friend know!!



  1. YIPPEE!!! I love giveaways, but I love fall even more!

    I love the brisk morning walk with the sound of leaves crunching with each step.

    I love throwing a nice warm blanket on the bed & feeling toasty & comfy.

    I love making homemade soups & smelling them all day as they simmer in the slow cooker.

    I love that Starbucks brings back their "pumpkin latte", so yummy!!

    I love seeing mom's & dad's with their kids picking out the perfect pumpkins in a field of orange.

    I love that smell when I turn up the heat for the first time.

    I love seeing the Aspen trees showing off their new autumn colors of golds glistening in the sun.

    Last but not least, I love the "candy corn" in the big bags, especially when I mix them with peanuts, so yummy!!

    WOW!!! God is awesome in all that HE gives us to love!

    Thanks again for your wonderful thoughts Kim!!

  2. I love fall, because it is the time of my anniversary. We usually go to a special place, celebrate the changing views of nature and the blessing of a life shared together.
    It is the time of golds, and deepest reds, and crisp air.
    It is the time of comfort foods and warm sweaters.
    It is the time of wood burning in the fireplace that cozy's up the house.
    It is the time to thank God for the bountiful harvest He gave to us during the growing season.
    I love fall for these reasons and so many more.
    Thank you Kim for creating such a beautiful Fall Giveaway. We can follow each other on facebook, wouldn't that be fun?

  3. I LOVE fall too! I feel that in Heaven has GOT to be fall right? because it's so awesome.
    One of my favorite things about fall is hay rides! Even spooky ones...I love climbing in a wagon with a loud tractor and just bumping around the woods or a corn field. I also love the candles and flannel shirts and warm cozy nights. Your blog is so cute!

  4. I too love give aways! Thanks for doing this Kim! Growing up and until recently Fall was my 3rd favorite season....like I mentioned, until recently. As I've "matured" (ha!) I've realized that Fall has a new sense of peacefulness to me. I love the holidays we about get to enter, I LOVE the cooler weather, I love watching the leaves change colors and yet again seeing the mighty hand of God at work. So, PICK ME PICK ME! You're right...that nail polish is FUN!

  5. Kim,
    Thanks for commenting on my tutorial for the paper bag banner and flowers! Hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog. I'm enjoying a visit to your blog! I LOVE FALL the most of all seasons because it is a time of new beginnings for some reason. Just when the seasons seem to be dying down in preparation for winter, I find a new start. I think that is because Fall is related to school starting again! I love the crispy air, the warm snuggly feeling of a sweater, cozy nights by the fire, and reading stories with my kiddos.

  6. My favorite thing about fall is the crisp morning air...and being able to rise late and STILL catch the sunrise.

  7. I love it.. i love this post. Fall makes me come alive more then any other season in the world! i love the smell in the crisp air.. I wish i could truly bottle that up and make it a perfume. I love the crispness, the pretty colors, the pumpkin spice candles.. and most of all the pumpkin spice lattees :-) Of course i will click to follow you- i really like your blog!

  8. wooops.. forgot my contact info.. my blog is comealiveministries-jenn.blogspot.com and my e-mail is comingaliveministries@gmail.com