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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Bit of Randomness

I love it when other bloggers let you in on some of their personal lives.

Maybe it is because it feels like I am not the only one who is struggling in any given area, maybe it is because when you see what we all struggle with, or are interested in, life feels more real.  Let's face it, when we choose what we put on our screens, we can make everything look perfect and wonderful.  Like a staged picture. 

Maybe it is because I am hopelessly nosy.  Yes, I think that's it.  I love to see what others love or struggle with or what inspires them.

So here goes... a few random things you don't know about me...

1.  Did you know I met my husband in a bar?  Yes, it's true.  And he hates it when I tell people that.  It is somewhat true.  We were in a bar.  We were there to celebrate a mutual friend's birthday.  I was a  friend with the wife of this couple and he was a friend of the husband of this couple and she invited her friends and his friends to a birthday party for her husband.  At a bar.  Clear as mud??  Well, this place was a country bar and he was out on the dance floor with a gal and I saw him and that was it.  THE END. {well, it was the end of my dating life, so to speak.}  I asked him to dance {yes, pushy female, I know} and after deliberating for a moment or two, he agreed.  He had to take a second and think because he was sitting at a table with all of his college guy buddies and wasn't necessarily looking to stop the conversation.  Nearly 20 years later, and knowing what an EXTREME socializer he is, it makes perfect sense.  Suffice it to say, one dance and we were hooked.  He blames it on the smell of my hair and that I was a good dancer.  I blame it on the Wranglers and his intoxicating smile and chiseled jaw.  Either way, this summer we will celebrate 18 years of wedded bliss.  There is no one I'd rather dance in the kitchen with or nudge to roll over because he is snoring.  We are a match made in heaven.  Or a country bar.

2.  Because of the aforementioned Wranglers, smile, and jaw that could cut diamonds, we have an 8th grader.  We got an email last week asking all parents of 8th graders to send in two pictures of their kiddo for graduation this spring.  He'll be heading to high school next fall.  High school.  He is all long legs and sweet boy and next week he'll be driving and getting married because that's how life goes... waaaaay too fast!  I guess so long as he meets his future bride in a country bar, they'll be fine.  But I won't.  Oh how I love that boy and I'm just not so sure I'll ever be able to cut those apron strings and bind him to another female other than myself.

3.  I love to watch my daughter play basketball.  In a big way.  I know nothing about the game.  Can't pick out a screen, a pick, double dribbling, or discern a foul.  I just know that when she scores, she loves to hear her mom on the sidelines shout, "That's my girl!"  And I love that during her game last night she accidentally plowed over another girl on the opposing team, tossed the ball to a teammate {mid-play none the less}, and helped pick this other gal off the floor.  That's my girl.

4.  I consider Friday to be my day off.  The weekends are just as busy as the weekdays so I take Friday to be at leisure.  I have lunch with a friend or my cowboy.  I head out to a favorite store or two and peruse the latest and greatest.  Or I curl up with a good book and a cup of tea and take a nap.  No cleaning, no organizing just a day to be.  Or craft or bake or whatever I want to do.

5.  I spent most of January cleaning and purging and today Goodwill is coming to take an entire front porch of needless, purpose - less stuff out of my life!  I love that feeling!!

6.  There is no better chocolate than Dove milk chocolate.

7.  I love all things paper.  And ribbon.  Here's proof:

These were taken last summer on our vacation to Steamboat.  Most folks would bring home a t-shirt or some other handy souvenir.  Not me.  They have the best drug store around and their array of wrapping paper and coordinating ribbon leaves me speechless.  That may be due to my love language of gift giving.  It also may be due to the happy feeling I get when I give a wonderfully packaged surprise.  Either way, it's a sickness.  But a pretty sickness, none the less.

8.  I love to eat chocolate cake in a bowl with milk.  Why waste a cup for the milk if you can throw them both in a bowl?  Todd thinks it's disturbing.  He can blame my dad for that one.

9.  I can't drink a glass of milk without an ice cube in it.  Warm milk is unappealing {to say the least} and one ice cube keeps it nice and cold.  There is no one to blame for that one!

10.  I like doing laundry.  Good thing, because there is a never ending cycle of dirty things in this house.  I love the smell of bleach and putting my kids in clean clothes or putting fresh sheets on the bed.  I take the opportunity to pray over each kid as I fold.  Random, I know!

11.  I bought a new pair of jeans at Target the other day.  The brand is Denizen and Lord, are they comfy.  Does it mean that I've officially hit middle age when I buy my stretchy jeans at Target??  I believe so.  All I know is that when I bend over, they stay put.  I'm not a thong wearing girl, but if I were, I would be tired of that thing showing itself over the top of my jeans.  So inappropriate!!  But trust me on this one ladies, these are cute.  They are trouser - like and have a bit of bling on the back pockets.  Oh, so cute.  And you won't spend your day hiking them back in place.  Or showing your thong.  And if you are a thong wearing girl, could I ask you a favor?   Please refrain from bending over in front of me and my boys in the line at Target.  They don't need or want to see your thong or likely coordinating tattoo on your lowest back.  That just leads to a conversation that is uncomfortable for everyone!! :0)

Have a great day!



  1. Hi Kim.....I was so tickled to hear that you & Todd met in a bar!! I met my cowboy in a bar as well & some where between the dances that shined up his belt buckle & saying good night I got hooked. Now, almost 34 years later (Feb.18th)I love him more than I could phantom.

    As I sit in the nursing home knowing that he has only a few days left or when God chooses to take him home I look back on our life together. We have been so blessed & I will miss him deeply. My heart is breaking into millions of tiny pieces & I wonder if I will ever be the same.

    Thank you for brightening my day & yes those thongs are so YUK!!!!


    1. Said a prayer for you Marylou...my heart aches for what you are going through right now, even though I cannot imagine! May God bring you comfort right now and in the near future...much love!

  2. Haha! I love this post! I love when bloggers do an "about me" post!

  3. LOL! I remember your story from the "How you met your spouse" game we played @ Erin's a few (or more) years back! And can't forget Steve and Brook's too! Who would've thought? Also, good for you to take Friday's off. I confess, I don't mind doing laundry (or ironing) either. It's mindless, it doesn't ask you a million questions or talk back, it gives you a sense of accomplishment when it's all done, it's organized and neat and fresh! ;)
    p.s. I love Target clothes!

  4. i stumbled across your blog and it is full of loveliness! i love getting to know the personal side of bloggers too. your story of meeting your hubby is cute!