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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why Blog?

It’s first light on a Saturday and I’m awake.  The birds are singing the world awake and I don’t want to miss a note of it, winter’s been too quiet. My love sleeps silent and deep next to me, unaware of the thoughts that race.  The children sleep too, and downstairs I hear the pup stretch, waiting patiently for me to start his day.  My head’s filled with queries - why? how? who?
My knees are sore and I have travelled far on them.  This journey began years ago, this strange pull to words and pen.  I pray, “Use me, Lord?”   Christmas letters {of all things!} were sent and encouragement received. Scribbling my perspective once a year wasn’t enough but, there was no other reason.  Then a call came, “lead us?”  I agree, and a door opened.  Years pass and again God moved - the beginning of birth pains, few and far between the requests were and now weekly and sometimes daily, the mamas come and share their struggles and seek perspective.  Their woes are achingly familiar.  Again, I pray and ask God, “What?”   I tell Him I will do as He leads because the surest way I know to live His blessing is to surrender all - to die to self and surrender to His plan.  
 “Blog”, He says.
I exhale the breath I didn’t know I was holding and I am peaceful.  Peaceful because this is what it feels like to walk in the promise and provision the Lord has set before my feet.  Years of prayer answered with a single word.  It isn’t easy to be vulnerable, laid bare for the scrutiny of others, penning out my heart.  I wrestle childhood demons of rejection and insignificance, invisibility really, but this go-round I have the upper hand and it carries His sword of  Truth.  And thus, ‘Something Beautiful’ is born. 
Now all the uncertainty surrounding the why, and how, and who are quieted and I can steal a minute’s more rest next to him.  God will take care of the multitude of questions because He ordained this journey.  My part?  Obedience and tuning in to His leanings and putting pen to paper as the Spirit moves.
Journey with me?


  1. Hooray! It looks so beautiful! So glad you are starting this great journey ... many many blessings to you!

  2. Isn't it so like God to offer a one-word answer to what we think are complicated, detailed prayers? Thanks for listening to Him.

  3. Kim you inspire me and make me want to be better in my Faith. It is so awesome to know that someone in our family truly believes and knows the truth. I completely support you and can't wait to keep reading. God bless you and your lovely family Kim and keep listening to God's one-word answers!