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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How a Real Man Leads

So gently you held them.

  So carefully you rocked them. 

You whispered sweet words and kissed brand new foreheads.

  You wiped sticky fingers and messy bottoms.

You read stories and tucked blankets and built tricycles.

  You bandaged scrapes and dried tears and tied shoes.

 You stopped the tantrums, disciplined the unruly, and gently led the wayward back.

 You are bedrock to us.

You plant seeds in fertile hearts and sow them with kindness, patience, and love -

knowing these tender shoots require much sacrifice.

  You give of your time and self {endlessly} to tend to the ones He's given, without complaint.

You lead as a real man leads.

Your quiet strength, gentle spirit, and willingness to lay it all down for us, is gift beyond measure.
How dearly loved and treasured you are. 
Words are not enough.

Happiest Father's Day to you, my love.

Yes, I realize this post is a week late.  :0)  Preparing to travel and other commitments left little time to reflect and write.  Better late than never??

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  1. Always better late, than never! Thanks for sharing and loved seeing the pictures from Steamboat. I LOVE Steamboat.