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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little Get Away

We just got home from spending a few days in this lovely town.

South Steamboat Springs from the top of the mountain

 Steamboat Springs is my favorite in-state get away of all time.  We were first introduced to this town a few years back when the state cattlemen's association was holding their meetings here.  I've been a huge fan ever since.  The land surrounding the town is some of the prettiest I've ever laid eyes on - it just takes my breath away.

We were back this year {again, with the cattlemen} and had a great time!  While my very own cattleman tended to his duties and responsibilities {he sits on the board}, the kids and I headed out to have some fun!  The big guy joined joined us when he could.

We did a little of this...

mini golf - cowboy style

 And a little of this...

what a cutie!

using sluice boxes to find treasure

 And even some of this...

sitting with Abe, downtown

on the Yampa River

a double scoop waffle cone in the soda shop

Lyon Drug has the best paper goods around - be still my heart!

oh, how I love paper!  that lovely pink check came home with us!

And a whole lotta this...



 The kids all agreed that their favorite part of the trip was taking a gondola ride to the top of the mountain where we had a yummy steak dinner.  It was a real treat and the scenery was spectacular

 brrr... windy and chilly at the top

I love the silhouettes of all the hats

 We don't often travel, so even heading a couple hours out of town is a big deal for our kids.  They were all so excited to be in a hotel and see some new sights and go to the candy shop. {yep, the very same one we have in the mall here, I guess everything is better when you are on vacation and have your very own money to spend!}

We don't ski and have never been here in the winter {and never will be having seen the peak rates on the back of the bathroom door in our hotel room - HAVE MERCY!!!} but we love this town in the summer and hope to come back next year!


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