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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thoughts on 9.11 {the good, the bad and the important}


The bad:
  * I hate that since 9.11 nothing surprises me.  Not little Jewish boys being murdered, dismembered and found in trash cans, not parents being the first suspects in their own child's murder, not kids blowing away their fellow classmates, not people walking into places of worship and open firing on those actively seeking peace, not tsunamis sweeping away thousands of people in one fell swoop.  Nothing shocks me.  This fallen world is an ugly place, filled with human evil and no amount of legislation will change that.  Ever.  You can take away all the tools used to commit violence against each other and it won't matter.  Those bent on killing will just come up with something else. Who would have ever thought that a plane could be a weapon?

        *  From here on out, in our country's history, time will forever be categorized as 'before 9.11' or  'after 9.11'. 

         *  My children will never see a person dressed in a burka and know that they can be a peace-loving, caring person.  Just the image instills fear.  I hate that 'terrorist/ism' is in their vocabulary - I didn't learn that until much, much later in life.

          *  This war of ideologies will never end.  It may lie dormant for a while, but it will surface again.  The restlessness that occurs from the wondering of where and when is a difficult one to put out of your mind. 

           *  We will 'politically correct' ourselves out of existence if we continue to bow to the outcries of the very people who caused this.  Heaven forbid their toes get stepped on.  I just can't fathom that they can't see that profiling is needed.  I just can't feel sorry for those Muslim - Americans who complain about security measures and profiling and an assumed suspicion.  Your people caused this and I hear nothing from the rest of your community that abhors what they have done.  

The good:  

         * America is a resilient nation made up of resilient people.  9.11 brought forth heroes in both civilian clothes and official uniforms.  We move forward, undaunted, to keep democracy alive.  We do not cower in a corner, we will seek out justice for our citizens as well as for the world-wide oppressed.  We are a nation of liberators and always will be.  It is in our spirit as a Christian nation.  We seek freedom because we were never intended to be bound. 

          *  President Bush is one of the greatest men I've ever had the privilege of meeting. His was a job I would never want or wish upon anyone.   He had the unbelievable burden of carrying a nation through it's darkest hours and did so with unwavering strength and character.  He has been the target of ridicule and hate, being held in unfair judgement by millions.  If you feel you could have done better, be my guest.  I believe, in time, history will prove him one of the finest presidents the United States of America has ever had.  He was in power 'for such a time as this'.  Doing the right thing is rarely easy or popular - it takes a strong person to weather that storm and President Bush was a remarkable leader when our nation needed him most.

         *  Justice has been served and now 3,000+ people may sleep better at night.

      *  God is not dead nor does He sleep.  He did not overlook us on that fateful day.  He felt our fear, heard our cries and was sickened by the evil as well.  Not one of the events that was planned and carried out came as a surprise to Him, He knows all and sees all.

   "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His Purpose." {Romans 8:28}

 Only Christ can transfigure evil to good, ashes to beauty, and tragedy to triumph.  This world is not bound for better days.  Scripture clearly states that end times will be terrible, but I've read the end of the book and I know Who wins.

"I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse whose rider is called Faithful and True.  With justice He judges and makes war.  {Revelation 19:11}  

Christ alone can and will redeem this mess of a world.  Christ alone can guarantee that this life is not the end, but only for those who call Him Savior.  Does He know your name?  Do you call Him Savior?  Because in the end, that's all that really matters.  And there may not be time to think it through.  Much like those passengers on Flight 93 or those thousands of people caught in burning buildings.  You can take nothing with you - no title, no IRA, no stock portfolio.  You will stand face-to-face with the One who created you and you will have to answer one question: Were you surrendered to Me? 

What will your answer be?



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