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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Heavy Sadness

I just got back from meeting my best friend for lunch.  She is headed to Uganda to love on some cocoa colored babies.  To be a temporary mama to those who don't have one, to read stories to those who just want to curl up on a kind lap and have their hair stroked and hear a sweet voice, even if they don't share the same language.  She is traveling half way around the world to be Jesus to the least of these.

We gathered to catch up and to see how we can pray for each other and we laughed ourselves silly over husbands and kids.

And finally we talked of gunmen who enter theaters and start shooting, killing so many and how does this happen just an hour away from us??  We question why a three month old was in a movie at midnight.  Or a six year old.  Or a seven year old for that matter.  And the judgmental, critical side of me wants to shout to parents out there, "Don't you know nothing good happens after midnight??" But those parents who lost their little ones and not so little ones don't need me speculating while they plan their child's funeral.  They need my prayers and compassion.

 They need Jesus.

This hurting, depraved world needs Jesus.  Not controversy over gun control, attempting to legislate human evil.  Not my words making a very feeble attempt to make sense of such a senseless, horrendous act.  Not every news person's take on the story.  We need His words. 

And we know that in ALL THINGS {emphasis mine} God works for the good of those who love him...  Romans 8:28

You see, this side of heaven we will never understand why things like this happen.  We will never be privy to the perspective of the Creator who set this planet into motion or why He allows some things to happen and others not to.  It is not ours to know.  We only need to trust.  Trust that He will keep His promises, trust that He has this in His hands too.

What I also know is this.  The ties that bind us are fragile and fleeting.  No one ever knows how much time they will have here or when, instead of coming home, they go Home.  Take advantage of the time you have.  Time is measured in people and relationships - love on your loved ones!  Kiss your husband longer, hug your kids tighter, call that friend you've been meaning to call and be a little more patient with that person behind the counter.

This morning my 14 year old was mad at me.  I mean really mad.  He didn't speak to me on our drive to his grandparent's house when I dropped him off to mow their yard.  When I said good-bye I gave him a hug and told him that I loved him.  He didn't respond.  So I kept hugging.  I told him I wouldn't let go until he told me that he loved me too.  He complained and asked why {while I was still hugging him} and I said because you never know when something will happen to someone you love and that I was preventing him from a life time of regrets and counseling should something happen to me today. :0) I got a grin out of that.  And an 'I love you, too Mom."  And then I thought to ask him to look me in the eye and say it respectfully, and then we just cracked up together.

Make the most of your moments, make them count.  You won't regret it.



  1. Thank you for sharing your heart!

    Blessings to you today and thank you for the wonderful reminder!


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