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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Because We All Need a Little Encouragement

Sometimes the waters can be choppy.  
Sometimes smooth sailing is hard to find. 
 Some days we all need to hear 
that someone is in our corner and believes in us,
 and our kids are no exception.

  The quickest way I know
 to turn a frown upside down
 is to bestow some encouraging words of affirmation, 
or tell them something
 that will brighten their day.

Here are some suggestions:

1. I went to the grocery store.

2. I saw how you {fill in the blank} - I'm so proud of you!

3. I want to spend some time together.  What would you like to do?

4. The money you need is on the table.

5. You look great.  I like that {fill in the blank} on you.

6. Want to go get some ice cream?

7. It is so fun watching you grow up!

8. Give me your towel, I'll put it in the dryer while you're in the shower.

9. Compliment a character trait {honesty, generosity, compassion, etc.}

10. That was a really good choice!

11. I got {fill in the blank] for you.  Enjoy!

12. Way to go!  Keep up the hard/good work!

13. What do you think?

14. I made your favorite {insert food}

15. I feel so proud when I am with you.

Take some time today
and let your kids know how much
you love them. 
 It is so important and they will remember it
long after you've said it -
I promise!


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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Kim! What a great post. I love all of these words of encouragement.