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Monday, February 6, 2012

Second Chances

It's February 6th and I've already blown it.

My word for the year is 'yes' and I've already blown it!  I had an opportunity come my way a couple of weeks ago and I decided to pass on it.  I had all sorts of reasons why and excuses for not saying yes, but in truth, I was afraid.   It was an opportunity I had been hoping for, a bit of a chance to improve in an area I really want to improve in, and because of my fear and lack of trust in God to provide financially, I said 'no', instead of 'yes'.  And I'm a girl who is not fond of being critiqued.  I don't like someone telling me that they may not like what has taken me ages to put in print.  So I passed that cup of suffering right on by.

 I hate it when I do that.

I've spent the last two weeks kicking myself for letting this opportunity pass.  It wasn't a large amount, financially speaking.  A pittance, really.  Most people wouldn't bat an eye at it.  But I also resolved, this year, to be super diligent about our finances.  We are {by and large} at the point of necessary things only.  And this thing didn't feel like a need, but a step to a dream, and I justified that if it is a dream that is meant to come true, the opportunity will present itself again.

So why do I feel like I failed?  I think down deep it is because I failed to trust God in my areas of greatest weakness.  For heaven's sake, He gave me the word 'yes' for a reason!  To branch out, seize the day, take a leap of faith.  And I said a polite, 'no thanks.'

But in my quiet time this morning I cam across something I know, but never applied this way.  {Thank you, Lord for answered prayer!}  Our God is a God of second chances.  He is the fixer of our messes and the wiper of the slate.  His mercies are new every day and He alone can take those with little faith and do great things.

This morning I studied in the book of John.  Chapter 21: 1-19, to be exact.  Here we see that Peter had failed to do what Jesus wanted of him.  Jesus asks Peter repeatedly, "Do you love me?"  Peter repeatedly confirms that, yes, in fact he does love Jesus, thus confirming, to himself, his loyalty and devotion.  In verses 15, 16, &17 we see that Jesus didn't dwell on Peter's failures but only had him reconfirm his desire to follow Him.

So that is just what I did this morning.  I re-avowed that in this still new year, I would let my life, like Peter's, bear witness to the fact that our God is a God of the slim chance, the fat chance, the no chance... and the second chance!

So, my sweet sister, if you have already blown your 2012 resolutions, take heart!  With our God, there is always a second chance.  Confess it and move on.  God has great things in store for you.  Don't let your past failures {recent or ages ago}, hold you back!!  Go out and seize this great day!!


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