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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Giving Never Ends

I had no idea what I signed up for when I became a parent.

Nobody told me I would push so hard to get him out that I'd need a plastic donut to sit on for the next three weeks, and that I would nearly loose my mind when the dog ate it.

Nobody told me that the sound of another woman's baby crying would cause my own milk to let down and send me running out of the store.

Lately, mothering means that I am repeatedly repeating the education that I tried so very hard to skip out on the first time around.  Up to this point I have taken kindergarten, first and second grade four times.  I am reliving the nightmare that is pre-algebra and am proud to say that my husband and I have gotten A's on both science fair projects our kids have completed. We couldn't be more proud.  {Just kidding, we only helped them}

I have spent more time wiping bottoms, sorting mountains of laundry and drying the tears of the inconsolable than I ever could have imagined.  I've engaged in word wars with  four-year-olds ... and they've won.  I have helped tackle more solar system projects than anyone ever should and have had a complete and total meltdown when this 'little class project' has far exceeded our budget.

Or take this example from a conversation at our table just the other night:
" x+ 45 is < -45"
"ok, so we will subtract -45x, that equals -90??"
"yep, then we'll flip those numbers and x-13>85..."
"thanks for helping me with this, Dad - it's really challenging me."

 This giving never, ever ends.  The demand to give all of us to all of them, it just doesn't cease.

Scripture teaches this - "Give, and it will be given to you.  They will pour into your lap a good measure - pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.         -Luke 6:38 NASB

This was a part of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.  He taught on loving, lending, giving and forgiving.  Basically the 'giving' part of that is the whole reason for a Christian life.  It is the basis of our faith - commissioned by God, perfected by Jesus.

Now, to be brutally honest, I have to admit that at times {often times.. when I am spiritually dry usually} I whine and think to myself, "How much more do I have to give and when do they give back?!"

And then I remember that Jesus promised that when we give fully and choose love and sacrifice, it WILL be returned.   And little by little, I start to see the return.  Luke, wanting to give his money to a fund that would enable a young girl with serious eye problems to have the technology she needs to be able to attend a Christian school.  Gracie, making sure she has her money in her pocket so that hungry kids might be filled and that she could personally pack boxes to send to those families in need.  Daniel, who has every right to be upset and hurt by a 'friend' at school and instead, chooses to love his neighbor and pray for his enemy.

My heart is filled each and every time I see one of these small examples of 'return' for the 'investment' their daddy and I have poured into them.  I say this to you today not to be boastful, but to encourage you to continue to pour into your kids.  Push past the exhaustion, the I-can't-do-this-one-more-time feelings you might have, and HOLD ON, your return is coming!


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