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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When Nothing Goes Right

Yesterday was one of those days.

It all started well and good, but by 7:00 a.m. things were headed south at a rapid pace.

  My oldest plays up for our high school band and he had a concert last night, so that meant a before-school practice at 7:15 yesterday morning.  We were all headed to the high school when my sweet 13 year old announced, "Mom, I left my trombone at the Middle School."  {cue the record scratch} Hmmm... I thought to myself. So, we stopped by the Middle School to get said trombone and lo, and behold, the band room doors were locked tight and NO ONE, not one single person, had the key to open the door.

  Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and I was getting wound up because I hate to be late and unprepared and looking like we don't have our act together.  So we waited.  And waited.  Forty minutes we waited.  And I took advantage of our time in the car together to re-strategize my morning and figure out how I was going to get all the kids to where they need to be ON TIME!  And I also took the time to dive right into one of my famous lectures about how he's headed to high school next year and don't you think it would be best to plan more than 20 minutes ahead of yourself, and do you see how your lack of preparedness affect the whole lot of us??  And on and on.

I finally dropped him off, 45 minutes late, with an exchange of "I'm sorry" and a hug and I wanted to crawl back into bed and start this day over because I'm pretty certain that the whole series of events didn't seal my "Mother of the Year" nomination.  And I kicked myself, because how many times have I thought "how can I be mad that he is not as I want him to be, when I am not as I want me to be?"  And I vowed to meet him for lunch and love on him in his love language of burgers and ask for forgiveness.

 Then I stopped by Target to pick up a few things and I swear the cashier looked at me like, "AGAIN, you are here again??" because I was there the night before and the day before that.  She didn't help my mood.

I then went home, baked cupcakes for a teacher's birthday the next day and took the dog for a long walk to get his endless energy out and my work out in.  We were almost home when we stopped by the neighbor's house to see their not -so- small yellow lab pup.  The dogs love to play together and when she asked if Boone would like to come in the back yard and play with Body, I agreed.   Ten minutes later we were on our way home when I noticed Boone limping and bleeding.  We got home and took a look at his foot... sure enough, cut wide open and needing stitches!  So, not only had I messed up the morning with my son, now I had messed up the dog's foot and our budget by letting him play in a yard I hadn't checked out first.  We are assuming that he cut it on some edging or a rock.  Our neighbor's yard is rather 'organic' and I really should have looked before I said yes.

Now, instead of getting my laundry done, frosting cupcakes for the teacher, paying our bills and getting a post up, I was headed to the emergency vet.  Nice.

Turns out the vet was lovely{new office for us} and she was able to take Boone right away, but was concerned that he broke his foot as well because he was unable to put any weight on it.  She assured me that I could leave him there and they would take X-rays and suture him up and love on him in that voice that only a vet/vet tech can.  And all this could be done for the bargain price of $400.  Yes, $400.  Super.

I left him there, headed home to get something done with my day, like try to figure out where in the world the money would come from to pay the vet bill, when my sweet man offered to take me out to Taco Bell for lunch, because he is a big spender like that.  Yes ladies, he's all mine.   I protested because I had yet to really accomplish anything with my day, when I looked at my clock.  It was 2:00.  Way past my son's lunch time.  Great.  Then the phone rang and it was my bestie wondering where I was for our standing coffee date - which, of course, I had completely spaced out!!  UGH!!

I ended up postponing with her, lunching with my man, grabbing the kids, picking up the dog in his brand new plastic Cone of Shame and bandaged foot {the tech said,"he'll need to be quiet and restful for the next 10 days," to which I asked if they had medication for that.  She just looked at me.  I guess I'll have to medicate myself then}, to head home and get dinner on the table so we could get to the concert.  And the grill wouldn't start.  Oh, if I were a swearing woman I would have let forth a stream that would have caused a trucker to blush.  But, I'm not.  So I sat on the patio steps and just took a deep breath, turned my face to the sun, and gave thanks to God for this good day.

No matter how bad the day is, I remind myself it could be worse.   A whole lot worse.

I eventually got the grill going, the burgers were awesome, we actually got to eat outside {in March, none the less!} and we made it to the concert on time and watched one the greatest kids I know, play his trombone.  Because he had it.  Right there.  Not in the Middle School band room.  It was glorious.

And we returned home to iron pants for today, finish the laundry, tuck freshly showered kids into beds and put these very weary bones in a bed full of feathers.

I guess it wasn't such a bad day after all.


  1. Ohhhh Kim, bless your heart!! i really had to smile thru the whole ordeal. You brightened my not to sunny days & I had to stop & say to myself, "Self you are not the only one that has bad days & PRAISE THE LORD He is with us thru it all!"

    Your posts just bless my heart when I need them the most, thank you!! Hugs to all of you!!


  2. wow, sounds like a rough week. Hopefully you ended it on a high note!