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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have sat down to start a post no less than 50 times and would you believe I just can't pull my creative juices together??  Summer has that effect on me.

I would much rather be at the pool smelling the chlorine and sunscreen and lost in my current read {more on that to come}.

Most other bloggers out there have a laptop and can therefore write and post from where ever they are.  This very fancy girl has a computer in the basement and because of that I must check out of life and and hole up away from everything else to get a post up.  Not that that is all together a bad idea because the basement is the only cool place in the house and feels rather nice compared to the 87 degrees that was  the upstairs part of the house last night.  No kidding.

Yes, it's been a bit over the top here the last week or so, temperature wise.  I mean like Africa hot.  Feels more like late July than June with temps hovering near 100.  I believe my car 's thermometer read out at a balmy 107 on the way home from the pool yesterday.  Now my car does not count as the state's official temperature reading guide but clearly 107 on the way HOME from the pool meant we were going the wrong direction.

Speaking of Africa hot, I have had to keep a more visually tantalizing stock of magazines near the treadmill while I do my morning workout.  I suffer from extreme lack of interest in all thing running and therefore keep a handy pile of magazines next to me so that I might get lost in them and forget that I'm actually running.  I think I have runner ADD.  I also have to use those same magazines to focus my attention on something other than the voice in my head that keeps shouting at me,"THE HEAT!  MY WORD THE HEAT!!  STOP RUNNING YOU FOOL, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE IF YOU KEEP THIS UP!!"

She is such a drama queen.

Anyhow, I woke this morning to cool temps and cloudy skies and may or may not have hollered out, "Thank you, Jesus!!!!" as I jumped up and down on the bed.

Today is a big day. Cousins are coming to spend the day with us, we have to go to Target and pick up a birthday gift for a friend, and the new Walmart opens up just down the street.  Big stuff, folks.  Big stuff.

 We are so excited about the new Walmart {gosh, you'd think a Trader Joe's was coming to the hood - oh, how I wish!!} because it will save me time and $$ on my groceries as the closest Walmart is a good 25 minutes away.  I'm all about saving the time and money!

Well, now that I've bored both of us to tears, we're heading out for a run.  Just me and the drama queen.  Running. Together.

This is big stuff, folks.



  1. Ohhhhh Kim you make me laugh!!

    Yes, it is HOT here too!! We need to have a rain dance. Actually, on one of your exercise days why don't you & the kids do a rain dance (in the basement of course)! I am sure it will be much more difficult for you to read your magazine, but I have no doubt you are up to the task. Let me know how that works out for you & DO NOT listen to your drama queen!!


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