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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Memorial Day Recap

Ah... laziness I must be rid of you.  It is almost the 4th of July and I am just now getting to a Memorial Day recap. Good heavens!!  My 4th of July recap {likely in October} will look much like this post, except everyone will be in red, white and blue, of course.  And there might be a flag or two thrown in for good measure.

My in-laws have a nice little place in the mountains that we head to for all the summer holidays and an occasional fall weekend or two.  Or three.  It's here that the vast majority of our family gathers to spend time together, relax and get away from it all.

For the kids this means cousin time.  And we all know that there is nothing better than 48-72 hours of  the sheer delight that is know as 'cousin time'.  A new house was built on the property in the last year and my in-laws had the super great idea to make the upstairs 'the bunk room'.  A place with numerous bunk beds and cozy nooks for all the kids to gather, play games, read a book and most importantly, sleep together.  They couldn't be happier.  They all get along fabulously {all 13} and highly prefer each other's company over most anyone else's.  They play and laugh and the fun never ends.  For me and Todd, it means a long walk through the pastures and uninterrupted queso dip!

  It's like a living dream.

Isn't it just lovely??

best buds

they kinda like each other a bit :)

growing up waaaaay too fast

2nd fish ever - brought this one home and grilled it

always a good time

7 of the 13 cousins



  1. Looks so lovely! Hope you're having just a wonderful summer!!

  2. Looks so lovely! Hope you're having just a wonderful summer!!

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