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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mom's Birthday!!!

 Hi, everybody! This is Luke, and yesterday was my mom's 42nd birthday!  Sadly, it was a Monday and we all had things to go to and stuff to do, so we had her birthday party at 9:30!  She was a great sport about not complaining that it was late and that we all had our own things to do and couldn't spend a whole day focusing on her.

Daniel got my mom a small candle and a jar for her to put it in. The scent is her favorite, which is Pumpkin Spice! 

   Grace got her a big candle, but I forgot to take a picture of that. :(    

I got her a a Starbucks gift card, but I also for got to take a picture of this. (I guess that I am not on top of my game at 9:30!)

Our whole family got her a new Bible because, she accidentally lost her old one at church a few months ago. 
She had found some other Bibles, but she couldn't find one like the one that she had lost. She really liked all the notes that it had in it!  Lucky for her, we could find one!

She wouldn't let us make a cake (I guess we messed up last years!) so she made her own cupcakes that were AWESOME!!!
I almost forgot to mention that Grace wrote a very sweet card. It goes like this...

Thanks! Luke

ok- for the record, this is Kim and no, they didn't mess up last year's cake - we celebrated with friends a day earlier so I made cupcakes.  I didn't see the need to make another cake when we already had cupcakes!!! :0)


  1. Happy Birthday, Kim! :) *Danyll*

  2. Happy belated birthday Kim!! Great blog & how interesting that Grace is also 42 years old!! LOL!
    Just love how kids write & I would say you are the absolute best mom!

    I love you so so so so so so much too!