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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sorry To Leave You Hangin'

I've had a few emails asking me how my boys' trip was and what on earth the cows are up to.

 I'm sorry to leave you hanging out there, on the edge of your seats, unable to sleep and having chewed your nails to the quick.  What was I thinking??

 Clearly, I wasn't.  Sorry about that.

 Ok, since you asked, this one is for you, Grandma.  {How cool is it that my Grandma reads this blog?  I love it!}

It just dawned on me, those of you who are new here may not have a clue what I am talking about  - go back to the archives {on the right side of your screen}, around mid July and check it out there.  I have no idea how to link to my own post.  I'll work on it.

My big boys had a great time in Canada.  Indeed, Todd was able to remedy his passport issues in Minneapolis and was cleared to cross the border.   He got some good rest on the bus and thoroughly enjoyed his time talking with all the other dads.  You may or may not know this about my man, but he is INCREDIBLY social.   You've never seen anything like it.   No one is a stranger, no one doesn't love him.  He is amazing!   I say that with all sincerity.  Which is all well and good until you want to leave church on a Sunday and he is making 'the rounds'.  I think the maintenance man has just given him a key and told him to lock up when he is done.  We close her down every week.  EVERY WEEK!  So needless to say, 2&1/2 days of talking to like-minded people was a gift.  {I can just hear the political rantings and the current event conversations}  They were only interrupted by the occasional nap or fast food stop.  He just loved it! :0)

 Let me say that I know I should have photos with this post.  I apologize for not, but we need to organize and categorize them and we just have not done it yet.  It seems as though there are never enough hours in the day.  When we get that part done, I'll post them - promise.

 I could make a short story really long here, but I'll refrain.  Hopefully.

They had tough head winds the first couple of days but pressed on.  They never did swamp {turn over} their canoes, a rarity I'm told, as every other crew did.  The boys did a great job working together and most everyone's attitude was good - a key component on a demanding trip like this.  However, none of these 13 year old boys have hit puberty and have precious little upper body strength, so carrying an 80 pound canoe, 15 feet long, for more than a few steps was out of the question.  They all tried, bless their hearts!  So the dads carried the canoes and the boys hauled all the packs with all the crew's gear - about 100 pounds each.  They canoed a total of 78 miles.  Amazing!  When they reached a land bridge, they had to portage, or carry overhead, their canoes.  I envisioned these lovely, open, groomed trails on which they could portage.  No such luck!   Todd said he spent one particular portage ramming the front of the canoe through thick pine boughs.  Other portages had felled trees across the trail and they had to step over them {canoes still overhead}.  Some of the felled trees were too high and they would have to set the canoes down, climb over the logs and then get back under their canoes and keep going!!  For a couple of MILES!!!  When Todd told me this I immediately got on my knees and thanked the Lord for making me the mom - for cryin' out loud, I spent two weeks at the pool! {Oh, thank you Jesus!!}

 They never saw any moose or bears.  But they did see a lot of turtles and fish.  Huge fish.  Todd, Steve {the other dad} and Jeremiah, their guide/interpreter, made sure all the boys caught at least one fish.  Most of those fish were dinner - the best they ever tasted, they said.  They even made a cake on their last night out - over a fire, none the less, and camped on the beach.  Luke said it was the best time he has ever had with his dad and that he would never forget all the memories they made together.

  Money well spent.  Priceless.

Unfortunately, Todd's elbow won't soon forget the trip either.  It hurt coming home and has yet to improve so he saw the doctor yesterday who confirmed our suspicions of a strained ligament - otherwise known as tennis elbow.  He has a band on it,  heavy duty anti inflammatory pills, and two weeks of R&R.  If that doesn't work, he will need a Cortisone injection in that ligament.  UGH!  Not fun, so we are praying that it heals soon!

 As far as those cows go.... well, I don't have pictures of them either because every time I'm at the ranch, they are not!!  Admittedly, I'm not there very often.  All reports are that they come down out of the mountains in the evening and return to the upper pasture early in the morning.  Should make moving them super easy and lots of fun.

Todd is in the process of slowly putting together a catch pen to get them used to the idea of being in an enclosed space.  He puts feed and water in there every other night to draw them in,  and they are actually cooperating.  We are hoping to have them out of there in the next week or so.  He said he intends to corral them, load them into the trailer and keep them in it overnight {as they appear late and leave early}.  He'll sleep in the truck, old- fashioned like, to guard the herd, make sure no rustlers appear on the scene, and leave early - before first light.  Sounds like something right out of Bonanza.  Except I'm just sure that Haus and Little Joe and their Pa didn't have an ipod to help pass the time.  Or a fancy schmancy thermos to keep their coffee hot.  By the same token, I guess Todd won't have anyone there named 'Cookie' to help fix a meal or keep the campfire stoked.

 Unless he sweet talks me into it.  It would take a bit of talking and a wink or two.  Maybe the promise of something special from the general store - new yard goods maybe? or how 'bout some Lemon Verbena perfume?  Maybe some penny candy?  

  I think he just might be able to pull it off.   After all, he is one of the smoothest talkers I know.

Happy Trails Y'all!!


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  1. Kim..........you make me smile & sometimes out & out laugh!! I am visualizing Todd rounding up those 4-legged critters. Ohhh to have a video camera & capture it all. So reminds me of when our hogs use to get out!! Do you know there is nothing a hog has on it's body to hang on to?

    Glad the boys had an awesome trip & I hope Todd's elbow is improving!!

    Love & prayers,