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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Right Now

Right now I am...

watching - 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' with two of the cutest boys you ever saw.  I love vacation days!!

eating - Mexican dip {refried beans and a can of Rotel mixed together and heated} Goes down a little too easy.  Ahem.

drinking - a little bottle of Coke.  It goes all too well with the aforementioned dip.

wearing - yoga pants and a long sleeve tee.  Super comfy and super stretchy - see the above two     categories.

avoiding - doing our budget for the month - it's a total downer and right now I just want all to be right in my little world.  Even if only for the next 72 or so hours.

feeling - pretty much on top of my game.  Not everything is done, but the majority of it is.  We only have two presents left to get and only those two left to wrap.  We are making cut-out sugar cookies tonight and I'm looking forward to it.  After that, all that remains is the Christmas cards!

missing- a nap.  That just might be next.  It too goes well with Coke and chips/dip :0)

thankful - for a warm, cozy house, full of Christmas cheer and kids that are beyond ready for the BIG day.

weather - 14+ inches of snow overnight!!!!  Our wish for a white Christmas has come true!  Our high temperature is expected to be in the teens today so no chance this will melt any time soon.  The kids have been out in the snow for the majority of the day and are having a ball.  The only down side is the shoveling.  I gave it a good go this afternoon so that the pup might have a place to take care of his business and gave up shortly after I started.  Just too heavy for these bones.  The kids all got such a kick out of watching Boone go out this morning.  Being a beagle, the snow nearly covers his head and he has to lope to get anywhere - so funny!

praying - for Todd.  He has some sort of lung infection.  Started out as a cough and hoarse voice.  Two weeks later it still lingers and the docs aren't sure of what it is.  Heavy duty antibiotics and prescribed rest will hopefully be all that is needed to get him back in ship shape.

needing - a silent night to read my Bible, to really soak in all that took place so long ago, to really savor the sweetness of Jesus and fully feel the gift of salvation this year.

thinking - about a God who won't let us get away with thinking that life is good only when it is easy.  His goodness is everywhere.  Everywhere!!

loving - all that goes with the season.  I love shopping for loved ones, I love baking, decorating, wrapping and giving.  The parties and special events.  All of it!!

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