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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

  If you remember from my last post, I crypticly {is that a word?} told you about fasting this week for the purpose of being more in step with Passion Week and the events that took place thousands of years ago.

I am doing a Daniel Fast.  You can learn more about it here.  I heard of this years ago but never felt called to try it.  Let's face it, food is a huge comfort to me and I'm not a girl who likes being out of her comfort zone.  But, because my word for the year is 'yes', I jumped in with both feet.  Ok, maybe one foot.  This fast is supposed to last for 21 days and I'm only doing it for seven, but I'M DOING IT!!  And six days into it I'm still alive to tell about it!

This fast is similar to eating vegan, but with more restrictions.  No solid fats, no fried foods, no sugar or sweetener of any kind, and only water to drink.  Basically you are allowed fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and water.  Super healthy.  Super hard.

I'd be lying if I told you it wasn't that challenging and I breezed right through.  Day four was tough.  I wanted sugar or a carb of any sort and I feel asleep on the floor right after dinner,  which was salad and brown rice with roasted root vegetables.  Yesterday was much better and I feel great.  And as an added bonus, I have lost the remainder of weight I set as a goal for myself this year.  No, I didn't share about that here, but suffice it to say I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror a few months back and KNEW something needed to change.  I came into the fast having lost 16 pounds and now have lost a full 20.  Praise God!!  I'll post more on how I accomplished that later.

The part I've found to be hardest is setting aside time to pray three times a day.  For cryin' out loud, I struggle to do it once a day!!!  But I've studied in the book of John all week {love it!} and we are headed to our Good Friday service at noon today as a family.  Though today commemorates a dark and tragic day in history, Sunday's coming.  Oh, is Sunday coming...

What I've taken away from my study time this week is God's completely unfathomable love for us.  It blows my mind!! How He could love a bunch of messes like us and offer up His only Son as atonement for all our sins is nothing short of unbelievable.

 He is the Redeemer.  He is the Atonement.  He is The Perfect Sacrifice.  He is Who He Said He Was.  He is the man who made light in the dark of a tomb.  He is Alive!!  

And make no mistake about it, sweet sister, He rolled the stone away from your tomb, too.

Easter blessing to you and yours.  Go and celebrate the risen Christ!!

ps - yes, I am on a video kick lately! :0)

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