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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Girl

Dear Sweet Girl,
Today you are twelve.
How is that even possible?
Seems like it was just last week when I fed you in the
early morning hours, you all washed
in moonlight, and I felt for the second time that overwhelming feeling 
of this is how it would end for me.
Right there, right in that rocking chair,  I would
die of love.

And now, twelve years later,
you are no longer a fragile newborn.
You are my Willow-Girl.  
So strong and beautiful and full of courage
and strength and tender compassion.
With a heart of gold, 
an ever present awareness of others
and a work ethic like I've never seen,
 you amaze me.

Indulge me in a moment to list just a few of the reasons you are so lovely?
1. freckles that span the bridge of your nose
2. your manners
3. your willingness to leave your comfort zone and try new things
4. hazel eyes just like your dad's
5. you never, ever quit
6. gratitude always and absolutely pours out of you
7. you are always up for something fun
8. your cheerfulness
9. your enthusiasm for all things pink and sparkly
10. your giggle
11. your bathroom is the cleanest, most organized room in our house

My list is endless really... 
I could go on and on about the wonder that is you!
But instead I'll do this...
Happy birthday to you Sweet Girl - 
you are so loved!!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Kim..........she is beautiful & I would take Grace in a heartbeat! I truly believe that God is using her to show her peers what a "child of God" looks & acts like. What a blessing she is not only to her family, but others as well.

    Happy "cake day" Amazing Grace.


    Great auntie Marylou