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Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Minute Friday

It's Friday.  I am both astonished {where did the week go??} and relieved {thank you, Jesus for Saturday!}

I'm linking up with the Gypsy Mama again, this time our prompt is 'ordinary'.  Hmmmm...

I've never longed for fortune or fame.  I've never desired to see my name in lights.  I've always found being behind the scenes more rewarding than being in the spot light.

 And then I started blogging.

What started out as a way to release creativity and scribble down thoughts became checking my stats and counting my followers.  Ugh!  What originally started as a desire to make His name great morphed into me desiring to make my name great.  Gently the Lord allowed me to sway, and gently he is leading me back. To Him, to His purposes, and to what He wants my life to be.

I  happily lift my face to Him, to seek His blessing, His approval, His 'atta girl'.  I'll not lift my face to screaming crowds and flashing bulbs demanding more than my soul can give.  I prefer the sound of happy feet running through my home, their giggles on a simple fall breeze.  And I give thanks for the absolute gift of my ordinary.




  1. SO so beautiful! I love your header with the fall pictures. I'm trying to follow your blog but google connect is acting funny right now. I'll be back. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Stay in touch?


  2. no worries I think everyone checks their stats, lol.
    but you are right ... what is if it isn't for Him.

  3. so true... I was thinking the same thing recently....it all goes back to HIM who makes the ordinary things extraordinary...