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Monday, October 10, 2011

Home is...


Home is
the sound of happy feet
running up and down the stairs,
of good morning back rubs
and sleepy good night kisses.
  It is the place where imaginations run wild
and blocks and forts are the order
of the day.

Home is
where laughter fills our souls
and tears find their safety net,
and we spend days learning to love
and live out true relationship
with each other. 
Here we accept that which we
cannot change.

Home is 
quiet snow falling and
curled toes under warm blankets.
It is a cozy corner where a
 good book always leads to a great adventure.
It is a place to grow and learn and develop
the gifts and talents
we have been given.

Home is
 a shelter, a refuge from a world
that seeks to rush and hurry 
the growing up years.
It is a place to slow and savor
time over a meal or a game
or a late night talk.

Home is
a safe place to confess your fears,
your mistakes and your short comings and know
they will be held carefully and lovingly by those
who love you most. 
We breath grace in this place.

Home is 
a place of authenticity, 
a place to be real - be it grumpy, sad, silly, or feisty.
But always loved wholly for who you are, 
just as He made you to be.

Home is
where we give thanks to the 
One who only gives good gifts.
Who lovingly and generously
provides for all we need...and then some.

Home is
the place we love more than any other place,
not because of what is here,
but who is here.

Welcome home.


  1. Beautiful! Love this- especially the idea of being who you really are and still being wholly loved. Thank you!

  2. What beautiful thoughts, I liked & so did your grandma.