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Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Catch

I'm linking up with Lisa Jo again today.  Join me?

We have this lovely little book
tucked away on our bookshelves, 
just waiting to be read 
every Fall.


It is a sweet little story about a fox named Fletcher,
who spends his days running around
trying to catch all the leaves falling from his favorite tree. 
He doesn't want the tree to change.
  He loves it just the way it is.
  I find that to be true of my life as well. 

I love each of the stages my kids are in 
and I find myself running around during the day
just trying to catch a glimpse of where they are
and what they are doing so that I might
tuck it away in my heart
to look back on when we are in a different season of life.

  I had one of those moments yesterday 
as I straightened Luke's tie on his tuxedo 
and helped him with his cuff links, a new experience for both of us, 
before heading out to his first high school band concert.
  All of a sudden he looked so grown up 
 and I caught a glimpse
of who this very wonderful young man will someday be. 

I caught a glimpse of Grace's 
never- ending compassion and care for others
as she helped Daniel pack up his lunch box and backpack
so he wouldn't be late for school.

  And I caught a glimpse of  Daniel's sweetness
at the concert last night
as he sought out a much older friend of Luke's
just to tell him how well
he performed in the concert
and give him a big hug.

I am so thankful to catch each and every one of theses glimpses into my kids' hearts and lives!


  1. I'm here from Gypsy Mama.

    Love this, and I want to read that book!

  2. oh I forgot about that book.
    we have it too.
    I will pull it out today.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Hi stopping by from Gypsy mama!!'
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Great post, forgot about the book too!!

  4. what wonderful kids you have! and I love that book...
    the story of you littlest son seeking out someone to hug them and tell them well done is very touching...speaks of his character...and yours in how you raised them!

  5. Wow. So blessed by you sharing that. And a good reminder. Thanks.