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Friday, October 28, 2011

Dancing in the Now

Today there is laundry and homemaking 
and tidying and a roast
in the slow cooker
and snow falling from the heavens.

It is in these hours,
while they are schooled, 
that I scribble thoughts, deep reflections,
and focus on bending low 
that I might serve them better, 
with a fuller and happier
It is the calm in the cacophony.  
The only quiet in the day.

In these few, fast, quiet hours
I seek to slow the tempo of my days, to carve out
time to simply be.

To allow quiet and Bible and prayer
to fill me that I might
pour back grace and full-attention
love on them.

The oldest's eyes, sky blue.
Always wanting to show and tell, 
and sit together, just the two.
Always seeking quality time, that one.
Our third parent.

Her flitting,
my little Ruth, hardest worker, twirling, dancing,
stretching.  Always seeking confirmation, assurance
that she goes in the right

And the littlest one. 
Mischievous, busy, infectious
giggle.  He is forever spying, sneaking, 
looking to surprise - "Could you hear me, Mom?"
he says.  And I chuckle,
play along.

Yes, this is the glorious, sacred dance of now
and I must dance to the tune He has chosen.  
For to be a wallflower is to miss
out on the sway, 
the gentle rhythm
of our life.

He is asking me, His beloved, to join Him in a dance,
and to say a polite 'no thank you'
to His extended hand,
with busyness and unfocused attention,
 is to miss out the gift.

So here and now I remove shoes,
reach for His nail scarred hand,
and dance in barest feet,
for I am on holy ground.
Even if it is strewn with yesterdays socks
and crumbs of Goldfish
long forgotten.

I choose to dance.

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  1. Kim........How beautiful!! Your words soften my heart & remember when Ted & Dillon were young like yours. You bless me sweet one!