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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Attention, Please!

Hey there sweet friends,

I would just love to be meeting all of you for coffee this morning.  There is a storm brewing here and it just feels like a good day to sit around the table and gab the day away.  Don't you agree?  Warm coffee and some cinnamon rolls... mmmm! 

Anyway, I want to introduce you to someone today.  I've mentioned him here before but he really deserves a post all of his own...

Meet Boone.  He's our loveable, entertaining, rambunctious, nearly two year old beagle.  And he's not as tough as this picture would lead you to believe.  He's actually quite a push-over. Especially if you rub his belly.  Especially if my sweet man is around.  Boone gets that he is not the 'top dog' when Todd is home.  He will submit and behave as he should. 

He spends his mornings curled up in the corner near the heating vent, dreaming the day away.  If the sun is out, he's can be found lounging on the lounger in the back yard or stretched out sunning himself on the grass.

But, come 3:30, when I arrive home with the kids, he becomes a crazy dog.  He will swipe homework, steal shoes, or abscond with your socks.  If there happens to be a stray Lego nearby, it's his.  And should someone miss the trash can with their napkin or kleenex, he's on it.  Seems that used kleenex is his idea of a delicacy and he will choke it down faster that you can shout his name.


See, no matter how much attention we give him, he wants more.   In fact, he's desperate for it, regardless if it lands him in his crate or earns him a swat on his nose.  He's willing to pay the price for someone, anyone to pay him some attention - positive or negative!

We do that too.  Sometimes we are desperate to be seen, for someone to look our way, just to be noticed.  We can't help it, we were made that way.  Oh, we may never actually verbalize it, but it can come through loud and clear.  Maybe we die our hair an extreme color, or tattoo ourselves from stem to stern, or maybe we have perfectionist tendencies that rule our lives - we need for someone to see us as perfect.  The perfect mom or the perfect wife or the perfect _________ {you fill in the blank}. Or maybe our skirt is just a tad too short or we leave an extra button undone on our blouse.  The list goes on and on, it's endless really.  Whether with positive or negative attention, we just want someone to notice us.

But there is one who sees you.   One who knows you down to the very number of hairs on your head.  And to Him, you are enough just the way you are.  Rest assured, you are not forgotten.  I bet if you asked God, He could go on and on about the wonder that is YOU!  You are beautiful, you are His beloved, you are His lavishly loved daughter.  There is only one you.  Never before and never again will there  be any creature as beautiful as YOU.  Uniquely created by Him, for Him... of Him.

So today, rest in the knowledge that you are seen, you are loved, you are valued.  Just as you are and for no other reason than you are His.  If you have a chance today, lift up someone in prayer, would you?  Maybe it's a sister in the midst of hard times, someone's marriage that is on the brink, a sweet soul who needs to know that someone loves her.  Who knows, you just might change her day!

Have a great day!


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