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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweet Victory and a Word For 2012

Oh. my. word!!

It is HAPPY day here in the Mile High city. 
Bronco fans all over town
are grinning from ear to ear
with yesterday's play- off win over the Steelers.

You can't turn on the T.V. or radio 
without hearing Tebo's praises being sung.

And rightly so. 
He has brought energy and excitment back
to Denver football, something that has been missing
 for a long time.

But even more important than
the thrill of a win is the 
'something else' about Tebo.
That 'thing' that people are fascinated by
and that 'thing' that lights up
talk show switchboards.

When in reality, he's just an ordinary guy,
surrendered to an amazing God,
accomplishing extraordinary tasks.

You see it so often in the Bible.
God took Moses {a murderer}
and David {mere shepherd}
Mary (a peasant girl}
Joseph {a carpenter}
and Paul {whose desire it was to wipe out Christians}
and through them, 
did some amazing things.

How did these average, typical, nothing-special-about-them-people accomplish great things?
They said "yes" to God.
Simple as that, they said yes.
And when we say yes, we free up God
to be God in our lives
and we become candidates for greatness.

For His glory.
For His plan.
For His greatness. 

So it's only fitting
that this average, ordinary, nothing-special-about-me girl's word for 2012 is...

YES! to my kids {as often as possible},
YES! to my husband,
YES! to my neighbors,
YES! to the man on the corner needing a hand,
 YES! to God and His plan for my life,
whatever that may be. 
No, but God can.
Everyone I say yes to,
can say yes to someone else
and maybe, 
just maybe,
we can all change the world that way.

Because the God we serve
can use all of us ordinary people,
surrendered to Him,
to accomplish extraordinary things!

Even beating the Vegas odds
in a play off game!



1 comment:

  1. great word! awesome and thanks for the clip. I love Tebow. He's great...but even greater is GOD. so awesome. such a testimony.

    anyway the word YES is great...because all of God's promises are YES and amen! God bless you this year!