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Friday, January 13, 2012

Have You Heard??

Well, its been an exciting week around here.
The big game is tomorrow
{Broncos vs. Patriots}
and we are all ready to cheer Tebow on!

That's not the only reason we are doing 
a little happy dance.
Did you know that the mayors of Denver
and Boston made a little wager
on the game?

The wager for this game is 
Colorado beef for Maine lobster. 


mmm... doesn't that look good??
yes, please!!

is pleased to announce that we
are providing the beef for the

It is a long story, 
so I'll just say
that an opportunity presented itself,
and after numerous texts and emails back and forth, 
it was officially decided late yesterday
that our beef
will be headed to Boston,
depending on the outcome of the game.

So, do we still cheer for the Broncos or not?!?!

But seriously,
we are thrilled that after almost three years
and much blood, sweat and tears,
{and I mean my husband's blood and sweat and my tears}
it looks as though our prayers are being answered.

To God alone be the glory!
Only He can take us out
of our comfort zones,
and strip nearly everything else away,
and leave us with just himself.

Only Him to rely on,
only Him to cry out to,
and only Him to be the 
hero of the story.

And He is enough.

While our story is not over,
today we stand in awe.
Today we give thanks,
for this is the day the Lord has made and we are rejoicing!!


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