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Friday, August 3, 2012

Belated Birthday Wishes and One Proud Mama

This is SO long overdue it is almost silly.
But it comes with the most sincere intentions 
and best wishes for your 14th birthday.

You are an amazing 14 year old.
You very nearly stand  6' tall and are one of the kindest people I know.
You are ridiculously handsome,
{the above picture is testament to that!}
a terrific big brother,
a great runner,
an excellent student,
and you have more on the ball than most boys your age.
Indeed, dad and I are so blessed by you!

if you don't care to hear a proud mama go on and on, 
feel free to check out right here.
If you are up for it, then by all means,
continue on
{but you've been warned}

This past school year you graduated from 8th grade.
And, like most schools,
 there is an end-of-the-year awards ceremony.
This year you took home the top prize.
The most prestigious award.
And every bit of it was well deserved and hard earned.

This award highlighted:
It is voted on by all the school staff and administration and hands down,
 you were chosen as the 8th grade boy who stood out among his peers
on each of these criteria.
The award you were handed was called 'Most Christ Like'.

And in true Luke style,
you stepped up and received your award with humility,
embarrassed to have
 so much attention focused on you.

And I cried my eyes out. 
So proud of you,
so very proud of you.

High school starts in just a couple of short weeks
and you will be off on a new adventure.
A great adventure.
Continue on the path you are on. 
Stand tall and proud and rise above the crowd.
Serve as an example,
make good choices,
live out your convictions
and live filled with the holy spirit.

I love you, bud!
Happiest 14th birthday...
it's going to be a great year!




  1. Okay Kim you got me good with this one. I can barely type through the tears & when I read it to mom I started crying!! Luke, way to go & what an honor. You are how we should all be like who have Jesus in their hearts. At your young age I would say you have surpassed us adults in that category.

    Mama, I would be proud too!!! Well I am & I am only his great aunt!! I love all your kids & I wish I lived closer & be your neighbor just to get filled with the love that flows from your family!!

    Happy 14th Luke & I know God will bless you at every turn in your life!!


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