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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now {almost!}

See this lovely bowl of summertime sweetness?


Thank you all for your sweet, encouraging words and your prayers.
The Lord came through in a mighty way for me this morning
as I had the greatest peace about my eye surgery.

His faithfulness amazes and humbles me...
every time.

The surgery went well,
about 40 minutes 
{compared the the standard 10-15 minute cataract surgery}
It was comfortable, but not completely pain free.
That was to be expected, as the amount of work to do was huge.
But, tonight I am singing the praises of Valium
and one great God!

My first post-op visit was this afternoon and when the doc checked my vision
I could actually see!
My vision isn't quite clear,
and probably will take a few weeks to
come to a place of stability,
 but I can see faces and numbers and prints
and on and on!!

We are continuing to pray that my autoimmune system stays quiet
and won't perceive a threat in that eye and do a major
freak out in the form of swelling.

On a completely seperate, but kinda related note
the issues with Photobucket worked themselves out
and I can post some of my recent faves...
that I can actually see...
because God and Dr. Kumar are

feeling poorly

summer reading list... more on that later

football camp

THE best cookies... EVER!

more to come...

Thank you again for all your prayers!!




    I talked to your mom & she said all went well. I just didn't want to bother you, but mom & I were thrilled to hear the news!! It will only get better & we rebuke Satan from causing any problems with it!! You are totally healed!!

    On another note, mom & I want to know why those cookies are so great & if we need your recipe??? LOL!!

    Hugs to my sweet & precious niece!!

    Aunt ml

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