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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I added this beautiful leather cuff bracelet
to my ever growing collection
earlier this summer.
{jewelry, it's an addiction I tell ya!}

I wish I could tell you where I found it
other than 'somewhere on etsy'.
I had been looking for just the right cuff with just the right
word/saying for months.
And then I landed on this one
and fell in love.

I don't know if you can fully
read it or not but it says,
"just when the caterpillar thought her world was over,
she became a butterfly."

It perfectly sums up where I believe I have
been for the last several months.
The Lord has been up to a mighty work in my life the last
few months, and I naively thought it was all about weight loss.

In February I committed to a healthier
lifestyle and gave weight loss a good try.
{I'm not known for sticking to my guns in this area}
I originally hoped to loose
20 pounds.
To date I have lost 30 pounds
 and have become a foodie and exercise junkie.
Who knew I had it in me??
Certainly not moi!

Then waaaay back in May
a job found me.
As I was walking in the cross walk.
To pick up my middle schooler.
Just crazy
as I had applied for a job at my kids' school months earlier
 and had resignedmyself to the fact that I wouldn't be working there
this coming school year.
I just wasn't in the cards, or so I thought.

Long story short, the principal
of the middle school grabbed me and told me I was an answer to prayer.
She wanted me to be a part of the middle school staff
and work in the front office.
All the pieces fell in to place
and I will be there this coming school year.

I am thrilled to have a job and yet conflicted at the same time.
For the last 15+ years I have been a stay at home mom.
And a very content, happy one at that!
I fully believe that having a parent who is 
passionate about home and being fully present in their role,
is the greatest gift a child can receive.
                           I have loved {almost} every minute of being at home with my kids.

But it is time for me to leave home and supplement our income.
It is time to take the burden of raising a family
 on one paycheck
 off of my sweet man's shoulders.
He has been a trooper for so long
 and graciously
 allowed me to live out my dream of staying home with our kids.
Now it is his turn to live out his dream
of working for himself.

So this fall will be a crazy one for our family
as we all adjust to having a working mama.
I started work just yesterday
and bravely wore my cuff bracelet,
proudly telling my story to anyone who asks
about the engraving on it,
of how a gracious God has taken this caterpillar out of her
cocoon and readied her wings to fly.
My world isn't ending...
just beginning a new chapter.

His hand has been evident in every move that made this job
possible - in ways that I could never manipulate,
all the way down to the timing of cataract surgery
that allows me to really see my new computer screen
in my new office
at my new job.

30 lost pounds + clear vision + the perfect job
one butterfly ready to take off. 

I'm not sure how working full time will impact this blog.
That remains to be seen.
So we'll just take it one day at a time,
see how it goes
and give it my best shot.

Thank you all so much for hanging in there 
with me.
You all mean the world to me and I so appreciate
your stopping by to check in on me.



  1. Oh I love that cuff! I'll have to invite you to the jewelry party I'm hosting for my best friend who's flying in from CA. She makes beautiful jewelry! Check it out at www.designsbysharalee.com. I'm so proud of you for your weight loss but even more the work God has done in you this summer! We should talk because God has really taught me so much through having Glory this summer! Who knew! I'm so excited you got a job at school! How exciting! You'll be great!

  2. Hey, my email address is earenclark@gmail.com if you ever want to chat! Miss seeing you! Oh the jewelry party isn't until November.

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