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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I don't know about you all,
but the majority of my monthly shopping
takes place at the beginning
of the month.

  There is always a big
grocery run that needs to be made, 
all the toiletries we've run out of
need to be replaced
and then there is the matter of bill paying
and calendar synchronizing
with my man,
as well.

All that,
plus a holiday,
plus we've just come off of
caring for my niece
for the last four days 
as she just became a
brand new Big Sister
to little Mr. Max Michael
- what sweet babies they both are!

And Bible study is this week 
and I have yet to even
crack the book to be ready to lead. 
Clearly I need to be off my computer
and into my Bible.
And at the grocery store.
And Target.
And the bank, not necessarily in that order.

So with all that said...

Get it?? :0)


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