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Monday, November 7, 2011

Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude { in our kids}

Thankfulness is a soil in which pride does not easily grow.
 Michael Ramsay

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Do you know that teaching our children gratitude
is a worthwhile pursuit?
It is a proven fact that people who are grateful
are happier and more successful.
Don't we all wish that for our children?

Today I just want to give you a quick idea
for teaching gratitude that you can do
in your home with kids as young as two.

I wish I had thought of this when my kids were younger, 
we most certainly
would have done it.
The above picture is a gratitude tree.
Don't you love it??
With a little effort and just a few supplies
{and a bit of creativity}
you too can have your own
gratitude tree.

I have seen many varieties of these around the blogosphere
and if I were artistic 
I would give this kind a wing.
But, alas, I am not so artsy so I will stick with a real twig
and some fall colored construction paper.

Here's the lowdown:
Just cut a tree trunk shape from your butcher paper
and affix it to your wall. 
I think the kitchen
is a prime spot in which to situate your
gratitude tree as that is where families spend the most time together
and will be seen often.

Then simply cut out some multicolored leaf shapes,
write on them a word or simple phrase
- something that
you or your child are thankful for, 
and place them on the bare

Before you know it, what once was a sparse, bare tree now overflows with gratitude!

So today I hope you will take on the
worthy project of a gratitude tree, in some way, shape, or form.
Any feeling we have,
whether it be irritation or frustration
or gratitude, is amplified when it is expressed.
Now go out there and amplify your gratitude!!

{And if you do, let me know-
I'd love to hear what you did!}


 Here are some other ideas {all via google}

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