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Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Monday

Dear Monday,
Thank you 
for the hum of the washer and dryer - fresh, clean clothes just around the corner.
Thank you 
for my morning cup of chai.
Thank you 
for the pup dozing in the sun,
occasionally opening an eye to watch the birds play in the water.
Thank you for time to start my Christmas baking.
Thank you 
for a weekend full of horse back riding, 
helping grandparents, 
fellowshipping with our church
and plates piled high with turkey
and all the fixins.

 Thank you for a God who goes before us and behind us and lives within us.  Thank you that He holds our hands all the way, never once letting go - no matter what the circumstances.

And thank you for this little sweetie -

Via Clover Lane blog

Have you ever seen anything so cute in all your life???
I do believe I squealed when I saw him - so did all the kids.
He has now moved to the #1
spot on my
Christmas list!

Hope this brightens your Monday just a bit!

See you tomorrow on more tips for teaching gratitude to your kids!

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