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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Please Take a Moment...

Here it is, Wednesday morning and I could go on and on about how I had to race back home after dropping the kids at school to get the trash out that was supposed to be delayed a day because of the holiday last week.  Seems a little someone THOUGHT that Waste Management called to say they would be late but really couldn't hear exactly what the recording said and wasn't too sure that it was even the trash company calling to begin with.  Good thing I took a look around the 'hood and decided that since everyone else had their trash out I better high tail it back here and race the clock like a crazy woman because that's exactly the way I like to start my day.

Or I could lament the 'No thanks, I can do my hair by myself" stage that two of mine are in.  I try my best to make a happy face when I see them and I try not to nit-pick too much but there are just some days when I think I would like to suggest a hat, even though I know darn well that it is against dress code, but I'm willing to take the consequences that would bring because, REALLY??  Are you sure you don't need just a little help from mama?  {Look at all these run - ons.  Mrs. McAffee, my junior high English teacher, would have a fit if she saw this.  She would also be ashamed of my blatant love affair with the comma, sticking it wherever I darn well please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,} Aaahhh, that felt good!

But today I want to share with you something much more important than the lack of accurate information circling around my house or my kids' bad hair days.  Although I'm sure this is riveting stuff and you likely won't be able to sleep tonight not knowing how the kids' hair will look tomorrow.

This past Sunday we worshiped at a different church.  Our new nephew was being baptized so we attended my sister-in-laws parents' church.  Clear as mud, right?  Anyway, we weren't at our church, that's the bottom line.  This video was shown as part of the service and I LOVED it.  I was appalled at the numbers on the screen and even more appalled to hear Black Friday stories on the news of a Walmart shopper pepper spraying other people in line so that she might score that big 'ol flat screen that she just couldn't live without.  What is Christmas coming to?

There are so many great humanitarian organizations out there that do amazing work.  Would you consider giving to them this Christmas?  We intend to do just that.  We also participated in sending stockings to Marines deployed overseas and we sent shoe boxes around the world to children in need through Operation Christmas Child.  Luke's 8th grade class will be serving at OCC's warehouse on Friday.... and I get to go too!!!  I can't wait to see all that they do and report back here on the blog.  Anyway, I 'm hoping to send a little something to Compassion International as well.  Their work is nothing less than life changing for so many of the World's poor and oppressed.  I hope you consider giving outside of your normal gift circuit this year.  Someone will be blessed that you did.

Without further ado.....




  1. WOW!! That was really something!! Last Sunday our pastor talked about Xmas & Christmas. The Xmas is all the hype, the shopping, etc. Christmas is the birth of our Lord & all the wonderful things that entails.

    I had never looked at it that way before, very interesting.


    PS Glad you got your trash out in time!!!

  2. Awesome! Thanks! *Danyll*