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Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Grow

I'm back with the Gypsy Mama today for Five Minute Friday... join me won't you?

 Our prompt for today is 'grow'.   A fitting word for my house in this season.


He comes to me and says he hurts, his ankles, his legs, all over really.

I check and feel and find nothing wrong, but the pools in his eyes grow and so do the black circles under them, so I do the only thing this mama knows to do, and I warm the rice bags.
Bags of warmth to soothe the sore muscles and aching bones that stretch and grow.

From the look on his face I know it's not just the body that hurts and so I probe, gently questioning, hoping he will reveal just a bit.  And after a few minutes his eyes spill over and he flat out says he just doesn't know what is wrong

But I know.... he's growing and sometimes growing hurts, whether it's the body or the heart or the soul.  And the waters that were once so clear are now muddied and hazy and the way is not-so-sure.  At times we are all stretched tight like a wire, ready to snap at the littlest push, thinking we can take no more.  But in hindsight, taking a look back after time, we see we have gone farther than we thought we could, done more than we thought possible,  and we are the better for it

Growth is good, always good - no matter how painful.  For it is in the stretching, the very thing that hurts the most, that we become more like Him.  Always more like him.


  1. Awww my own eyes filled with tears as I pictured this scene. You are a good Mama...thank you for this post. So encouraging.

  2. oh, i think i can relate! beautifully written description. and through the pain, through the growing. . . always the hope :-)
    have a great weekend!